MSC Awards

Each week MSC has a series of awards that may (or may not) be given.  These awards have high standards and if those high standards are not reached the award will not be given.

MSC Awards: The Fair Play Award
The Fair Play Award is the highest honor awarded at MSC. It it is a TEAM award.  The Fair Play Award is given to the team or teams that most closely resemble the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship that Carrollwood Day School's Varsity Men's soccer team strives for season. There may be one winner, there may be as many as three, or there may be none. It is a high standard that must be achieved to win this award, and if no teams in the camp reach the standard, the award is not given. The winning team receives a special prize from the camp.

MSC Awards: "Fabio....DUCK!" Award

MSC Awards: The Station 3 First-In, Last Out Award
Pictured at left, this is the highest individual honor given out at Marauder Soccer Camp.  It is a leadership award.  The standard of the award is that there only be one winner in a given week (two times there have been two  winners).  It's ok if there is no winner. 

Commonly referred to as "The Boot", this award was created in 2001 by fire fighters of Fire Station 3 of the St. Petersburg Fire Department. 

Pictured at Left is Boot I in 2001 before any names went on it.

At the time this award's creation, staff veterans Rob Nugent and Dan Chappell were fire fighters at Station 3 (Rob has since been promoted to Lieutentant as is now at Station 6 while Dan has been promoted to Paramedic and remains at Station 3). "First In, Last Out" is the motto of Station 3. The motto refers to the dogged work ethic that the Station 3 fire fighters expect from one another. This award honors the camper that most closely resembles the Station 3 work ethic. It may not go to the very best soccer player in camp, although it sometimes does. Attitude and willingness to work hard, both on and off the field, are the hallmarks of this award. The winners of this award have their names permanently inscribed on the side of the Boot (the picture above shows the Boot before any names went on it).  During the summer of 2008 the Boot pictured above was filled up on both sides with names.  The original Boot - now referred to as "Boot I" - was retired on July 2, 2008 and replaced with a second Boot - "Boot II".  It is fitting that the first name to go on Boot II  was in our first ever Tampa camp - Session 5 of 2008.  Boot II was filled at the end of MSC 2012.  Boot III is nearing its capacity.  The tradition carries on.  

Pictured at Left is one of the only times the Award has been won by two people in the same week: Joey Sinibaldi and Andrew Harte

If a camper wins the Boot their name goes on the Boot in black.  Some names have been entered in red.  The standard for getting one's name on the Boot in red is:

- first the individual must have been a camper or staff member;

- next the individual must have distinguished themselves by representing the USA overseas.  This can be as either a player, a coach, a teacher, or a military member;

- then the individual must return to camp, address the campers, and share lessons from the international experience while representing the USA.

Names on the Boot in red are:

Kaley Blades - US Under 15 international and MSC camper/gopher/ staffer

Bobby Kovack - United States Navy and MSC staffer

Matthew Thomas - United States Marine Corps and MSC camper/staffer

Anthony Forde - Guyana National Team and MSC gopger

Kari Weniger - United States Navy and MSC camper/gopher/staffer

Zach Macmath - US U17 International and MSC camper/gopher

Nicole Matuska - Fulbright Scholar, Women Win and MSC camper, gopher, staffer

Stuart Robertson - Scottish professional player and MSC staffer

Scott Robertson - Scottish pro-youth player and MSC camper/staffer

MSC Awards: The Gold and Silver Nails
The Gold Nail takes a slightly higher place of prominence than the Silver Nail.  The Nails made their debut at MSC in the late 90"s.  Legend has it that the Nails are secretly prepared in a remote Irish monastery and shipped over the ocean to MSC.  Lt. Commander Bobby Kovack and Lt. Kari Weniger of the US Navy and Lt. Matt Thomas of the United Stated Marine Corps as well as Olivia Suski of the Coast Guard Academy - all former MSC campers and staffers - have remained tight-lipped as to security measures associated with safe passage of the nails. 

The Nails represent toughness in training and in games. At MSC, toughness is symbolized in many ways: accepting drawbacks, placing the team ahead of one's self, working hard to improve - especially during morning training, not giving up even when tired near the end of a game, respecting decisions of the coach and referee - especially when those decisions go against you. Players that demonstrate these qualities to an exceptional degree over the course of the entire week are eligible for these special awards. The reward indicates a special respect has been won from the coaching staff.  Typically no more than 10% of the camp will be recognized with these honors.

MSC Awards: The "You Don't Have to be Crazy but it Helps" Award

The Goalkeeping Award was started in Summer 2007 by Mark Jenkins and Adam Martin, two veteran MSC Goalkeeper Coaches.  The award is determined by the goalkeeper trainers and goes to the hardest-working, best attitude goalkeeper.  This award is the hardest one to earn because of the sheer volume of hard work needed throughout the week on the part of the goalkeepers.  MSC Goalkeeper Coaches are very good.  All are excellent players that have distinguished themselves at very high levels.  They know what it takes to get where they are, many of them are former campers themselves, and they can spot the qualities that are needed in someone on their way up just as they were.

Pictured at left: Johnathan Carter wins the "You Don't Have to be Crazy But it Helps" Award


MSC Awards: The "You'll Never Walk Alone" Award

In the summer of 2010 MSC was visited by two new campers from Chicago - the Loughran brothers Michael and Brendan.  Their father - Frank Loughran - grew up in Glasgow, Scotland and played professional soccer for Queen's Park Rangers in Scotland.  Frank attended each day of camp and was drawn in to the MSC vibe. 

Frank saw in MSC the spirit of Celtic, the spirit of "You'll Never Walk Alone", and the spirit of Scotland as embodied by the "Tartan Army" - the nickname given to supporters of the Scottish National Team.  Tartan Army members are often seen wearing "See You Jimmy" hats.  When the Tartan Army travels to see Scotland play they are like one big, happy family.  And that's what Frank saw at MSC - a big, happy soccer family.

Frank is a huge fan of Celtic FC - which along with Liverpool FC happens to be one of MSC's favorite teams.  Each of Celtic FC's (and Liverpool FC's) home games begin with the entire crowd singing a stirring rendition of the Gerry and the Pacemakers classic "You'll Never Walk Alone".  Frank saw the "You'll Never Walk Alone" spirit in the camp.  So on the last day of camp Frank walked in with a dozen "See You Jimmy" hats and suggested that we award one of them to the camper that does the best job of promoting the MSC spirit.  And a new prize was born!  The winner of this award gets a See You Jimmy hat.  For a more detailed explanation of "See You Jimmy" - click here.

Click here to watch Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" before over 60,000 at Celtic Park in Glasgow before the 2003 EUFA Cup match between Celtic and Liverpool.  This is an amazing clip.  "You'll Never Walk Alone" was the camp motto for summer 2014.  Gerry Marsden is from Liverpool.

Above: 2010 - Coach Harte and Frank Loughran display a gift to the camp from Frank.  Kyle Curinga and Sean Hampsey look on from behind.

MSC Awards: Do or Do Not - There is no Try Award

In summer 2017 Kylee Kilburg created this new award that was accepted by the staff as a camp-wide award.