The Constitution of

The United States of Marauder


The United States of Marauder


 We the People of the Marauder Soccer Camp, in Order to form

a more perfect Camp, establish Justice, insure camp

Tranquility, provide for the common defense from all

evils dark and shadowy, promote the general Welfare, and

secure the Blessings of Liberty through Soccer

to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this

Constitution for the United States of Marauder.


This constitution will serve as a binding document of

Perpetual Union between the States (teams) of the camp,

whatever they be named.


 Article 1:

The Legislature

 Section 1: All legislative Powers herein granted shall be

vested in a Congress of the United States of Marauder,

which shall consist of a Senate and a

House of Representatives. 

 Section 2: The House of Representatives shall be composed

of the Members of the colonies of the United States

of Marauder who participate in Nae Nae League

competition amongst each other.

Section 3: The Senate shall be composed of the Members of

the colonies of the United Sates of Marauder who participate

in Whip League competition amongst each other.


Article 2:

The Executive

 Section 1: The executive Power shall be vested in a

President of the United States of Marauder. He shall

hold his Office during the tenure of camp history,

and together with the Vice-President chosen for the same Term.

 Section 2: The President of the Unites States of Marauder

shall be one Coach Harte, who has continually demonstrated

the highest ideals of life, liberty, and the elegant

administration of the wise and knowing hat. The President

shall also be in charge of maintaining contact with

the wise Irish priests for the procurement

of Gold and Silver nails.

 Section 3: The Vice-President of the Unites States of Marauder,

shall be one Rob Nugent, who has continually demonstrated

the highest ideals associated with life, liberty,

and the creation and administration of the Station 3

“First In Last Out” Gold Boot.

 Section 4: Before the President or Vice President enters into

the Execution of their Offices, they shall take the

following Oath or Affirmation:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully

execute the Office of President (or Vice President) of

the United States of Marauder, and will to the best of my Ability,

preserve, protect and defend

the Constitution of the United States of Marauder."


Article 3:

The Judiciary

Section 1: The judicial Power of the United States of Marauder

shall be vested in one Supreme Court and in such

inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time

ordain and establish.

Section 2: The Supreme Court shall consist of the three most 
senior coaches not in The Executive branch, providing 
that they have experience as campers (or colonists) 
and must be currently on the staff in the United States 
of Marauder (Marauder Soccer Camp).


Article 4:

The Nature of Camp and The States

 Section 1: The States hereby enter into a League of Friendship

with each other for their common defense against

invasion by other soccer camps or ways foreign to the

United States of Marauder, and for the preservation of the

traditions and guiding principles of the

United States of Marauder.

Section 2: Traditions and guiding principles shall include,

but are not limited too:

The Promotion of League Play; The Training of the Individual; Theme Days;

Participation in Free Play Options; Engaging in Commerce at the

Casa Marauder and regulation of said commerce by

Mrs. Harte; The freedom to name teams;

the non discriminatory nutmeg policy.


Article 5:

Civil Settlement, Dispute Resolution & The Breaking of Ties

 Section 1: Settlement of conflicts and disputes within the

United States of Marauder shall be resolved by methods including,

but not limited to: center table bowling,

the Wise and Knowing Hat, cross bar contests,

super pose-downs, The Ryan Bialis "Clap-o-Meter",

RPS (Rock Paper Scissors), seniority, dance-offs,

noise making involving hands and tables, arm wrestling,

feats of strength, feats of knowledge, games of "knock-out" (soccer

version and/or basketball version where available),

coin activities and other events of chance including but not

limited to: coin soccer, other coin sports,

and the flipping of a coin,

coach(es) vs. coach(es) challenges,

coach(es) vs. camper(s) challenges, dares,

double dares, triple dares, and of course....physical challenges.

 Section 2: The Breaking of the ties that may arise from

time to time in league play standings shall be broken

through a series of 17 tie breakers.  The first 6 ties

of said tie breakers are known to the President,

Vice President, Supreme Court, and League Commissioner

(a.k.a. the Commish), and will be available

for general knowledge. The remaining

tie breakers, although legitimate means of

tie breaking, remain undisclosed.

Section 3: The Breaking of ties during tournament play will

be decided by the Executive Branch at the time of said

tournament in a way that is most beneficial for the greater

good of the United States of Marauder and in accordance

with this Constitution.


Article 6:

Paupers, Vagabonds and Fugitives

Section 1: The position of gopher shall be established

for the carrying out of tasks deemed necessary to the

sustenance of life in the United States of Marauder as

instructed by the Executive.

Section 2: Gopher tasks are numerous and varied and will

appear as self evident within the United States of Marauder.


Article 7:

Resolution and Ratification

Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the Governors present 
this Ninth Day of June in the Year of our Lord 
two thousand seven, for the Independence and Establishment 
and Eternal Binding of the United States of Marauder. 
Amendments to the MSC Constitution
Amendment 1: 
Freedom and Fairness - Elections
From time to time it may become necessary for the campers 
to give a name to something (a thing or a practice)
or select a leader or other designee
for a team, activity, task, country, free-play option or
anything that requires a name or leader.  Elections will be conducted
when such a time arises.  The method or manner of election will be 
determined by the Executive Branch.
Amendment 2: Steve's House of Pain
In 2003 upon popular uprising the name of the cleanup - 
"General Cleanup" - was challenged to prevent too much power 
going to the military.  An election was held and the Cleanup name
was changed to "Steve's House of Pain" for a 5-year term.
Amendment 3: Fabio....DUCK!
Upon completion of the 5-year term for "Steve's House of Pain" in 2008 an 
election was held for the new name of the Cleanup: "Fabio ... DUCK!"
Amendment 4: Brady.....Don't Forget to Feed the Dog
Upon completion of the 5-year term for "Fabio ... DUCK!" in 2013 an 
election was held for the new name of the Cleanup: 
"Brady - Don't Forget to feed the dog!"
Amendment 5: The Jerry
After relocating the camp to Carrollwood Day School in 2014 the
noun "Jerry" was voted on to designate any locker, cubby, storage
area, nook, alcove, niche, cavity, pigeonhole, closet, cranny, vault, 
sideboard, compartment, cubicle, enclave, or chamber that can be used by
a camper to store gear, water jugs, shoes, cleats, scarves, 
lunch boxes, soccer balls or any other item that may be required at camp.
Amendment 6: Noah - Don't Forget to Flip Your Hair
Upon completion of the 2-year term for "Brady - Don't  
Forget to feed the dog!" in 2013 an 
election was held for the new name of the Cleanup: 
"Noah - Don't Forget to Flip Your Hair!"
Amendment 7: Fabio....DUCK! is re-instated in 2017.
In witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names:
Joe Albanna   Dave Ambush   
Ted Anderson   Lacey Anderson   Roberto Andrade
Charlotte Arndt   Erin Avers   Jordyn Avers
Patty Bacon   Tanya Bawkins   Patrick Beliveau
Brian Benko   Ryan "Clap-o-meter" Bialas   Mike Bialas
   Erin Bialas   Kaley Blades   Fern Bleichner
Jared "JB" Brown   Jessica Brown   Justin Brown
Jonathan Carter   Carlos Castaneda   Chad Castanheiro
Ali Caton   Barbara Chadwick   Jeremy Chambers
Pete Chapman   Dan Chappell   Ryan Chappell
Shawn Chappell   Ravi Chatani   Jeannie Cobbe   
Jake Collins   Neill Collins   
Robin Confer   Callie Cooper
Mehryn Corrigan
AJ Costantino   Billy Crotts   Jake Crotts
Dr. John Cunniff   Carson Cupari   
Kyle Curinga   Kevin Daily   
Shawn Daily   Maggie Dalessio   Josh Davis   
Doug Deins   Brian "The Apple" Delaney
Brant Dermody   Monsignor Michael Devine   
Chris DiNapoli   Jim DiNobile 
Geoff "Brick" Donahoe   Chris Dris   Todd Drum
Jensen Eifert   Billy Englert   
Katie Englert   Erik Everett   Sean Flaherty
Anthony "Amp" Forde   Anthony Fotopolous   Joe Ganci   
Krystina Ganci   Carli Gauthier   David Glazer
Jack Glein   Alec Ghodsi   Bobby Going   
Tommy Going  Carly Goldich 
Andrew "Fly" Goodman   Pierre Goris   Stash Graham   
Ryan Guagardo   Brandon Hale   Ray Hales
Jeff Hallgren   Jessica Hallgren   Reed Ham
Sean Hampsey   
Andrew Harte   Jim Harte   Karen Harte   
Savanah Harte   Tanner Harwood
Sean Heaberlin   Bob Heilman   
Kyle Helmus   Zane Herman   
Jared Hirschfield   Nicky Hodges   
Rachael Howard   Brett Hummell   David "H" Hunter      
Jeff Ijjas   Joey Ijjas   Randy "Deuce" Irick
Steve Isenhour   Jenna James   Laura James
   Mark Jenkins   Adam Joerres   Brendan Johnson
Steve Katsarelis   Sean "Slink" Kelly   Josh Kent   
Roman Kerekovski   Jack Kiger   Jared Klien   
Greg Klug   Tim Kolb   
Lieutenant Commander Bobby Kovack
Blaed Kribbett   Gregory Kujawa   Jeffrey Kujawa
John Lannon   Thom Laux   Alex Linthicum
Toby Linthicum   Will Linville   Justin Lorry
Hans Lutz   Andrew MacAdams   Zac MacMath   
Ben Mallue   Steve Mallue   Justin Mannino
Charlie Marshall   Ethan Marshall   Kileyann Marston
Adam Martin   Doug Martin
Jagger Martinez   Jen Marzi
Connor McMahon   Joey Meehan   
Dave Miller   Steve Moldal   Mike Morzenti     
Blake Myregaard   Sean Nesius   Noah Nixon
Brian Nugent   Luke Nugent   Chief Rob Nugent   
Bridget O'Leary   Steve Oschner   Tim O'Sullivan
Rob Ovalle   Canon Paggeot
David Park   Jeremy Park   Bradley Parker
Spencer Peek   "Kash n Kerry" Phillips   Mike Phillips   
Jack Pironti   Mithil Prasad
Chris Riley   Carlos Ristorcelli   Samantha Robinson   
JP Rodrigues   David Rowland   Marisa Ruland   
DAS John Ryckeley   Nikhil Saligame   Keenan Sanz
Bobby Schmitz   Kira Schmitz   
David Schreck   Bryan Scott   Christian Seaga
Ryan Seidl   Kelly Shanahan
   Chris "Shooey" Schumaker   Ellie Simmons   Mollie Simmons 
Cody Sitton   Emmy Smith   Cesar Sotomayor
Ben Sousa   Rick Sousa
Aaron Spencer   Will Spencer
Emily Stack   Molly Stack   Sara Stack
Marissa Standfast   Tessi Standfast   
Rolf Steier   Jesse "Stinger" Stein
Zach Stone   Fabio Suarez   Tim Swinehart   
Becky Thompson   Matt Tobin   Melissa Tobin
Matt Thomas   Jackson Trudel   Trae Urie   
Joe Valencia   
Nick Villareal   Philip Vittetoe   Kyle Vosen
Matt Warticki   Brendan Weighley   Steve Weinberger   
Lieutenant Kari Weniger   Nathan "Nate Dog" Whitley   
Geoff "Wildman" Wiley   Will Wiard   
Neal Wolfrath   Joe Wunderlich   Dylan Yasso 
MSC Special Guests
These individuals have made guest appearances in support of 
the MSC Way.  They have been designated as 
honorary signors of the Constitution:
This Constitution was written in 2007 by Ben Mallue: former camper and
gopher, and currently Assistant Coach of St. John's University
Men's Soccer Team and still a key staff member of MSC.  
Above: Matt Thomas, Harte, Ben Mallue at a Carrollwood Day School 8:00 AM Christmas vacation practice.  
Matt protects the Constitution as a US Marine.  Harte administers the Constitution as MSC President.  Ben wrote the Constitution.


 MSC 2018 wants YOU 


"Pay it Forward" Care Package Project

During the summer of 2008, Marauder Soccer Camp collected items to furnish care packages for the Navy Seabees.  Captain Dan Curran, USN, oversees the Seabees on the ground in Iraq.  They are building roads, schools, homes, and hospitals among other things.  These brave sailors live in spartan-like tent cities in the desert heat that they build for themselves.  They then proceed to build facilities which end up being nicer than the ones they live in.  When the job is done they fold up the tents, move to the next location, and start over on the next project.

     It seems that some items that we take for granted are in short supply or are hard to get over there.  Captain Curran is from Clearwater.  MSC is the longest-running soccer camp in the Tampa Bay Area.  We are grateful for the sacrifices our troops are making to ensure that our camp and all our freedoms may continue.  To think that there are folks in this world that if they had their way the many wonderful girl players we have had in camp would not have been allowed to participate....

      Some of the items Captain Curran's troops find hard to get or unable to get are: Trail mix, snack foods

 (including microwave items), energy drinks (like Red Bull), coffee, coffee filters (10-12 cup),

 candy, bubble gum, hair brushes, hair gel, unscented soap, body wash, deodorant (scented and

 unscented), toothpaste, tooth brushes, bath towels, powdered laundry detergent, ziploc bags,

 air freshener (solid and spray), face wipes, books, CD's (various types of music), DVD's.

      The women have these special needs: hair brushes, "real lotion" - the PX only stocks cheap

stuff, Nail products (hand lotion, cuticle lotion, manicure kits, nail files, pumice stones, foot

cream, etc.), elastic hair bands, lip gloss with sunscreen, Bobbie pins.


   In summer 2008 our campers and friends in the business community answered the call big-time.   Over 50 shipping boxes of items were collected from campers and sent to Iraq.  Avantaggio Salon and Day Spa - 940 Clearwater-Largo Road in Largo - made a generous donation of items, many specific for use by female service people.




Email:     Text: 727-786-3589